Fixtures and Events 2020

Fixtures and Events 2020

Red = Ladies event    Blue = Mens event    Black = Mixed   Green = Other Fixtures

April 2021

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Fri 23Captains’ EveningClubhome7.30pm-
Sat 24President v CaptainsClub onlyhome2pmALL
Tue 27Wellesbourne (B)KDLhome6pm3R
Thu 29Chipping CampdenKDLaway6pm3R
Fri 30WWBA Senior VPs dayWWBAhome1:30pmAll

May 2021

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Sat 1- Entaco Fr away 2pm 3Tr
Tue 4Open Day - RecruitmentFraway6pm5Tr
Thu 6Norgren KDLaway6.15pm3R
Fri 7thOpen Day - recruitmentTrophyClub TBC
Sat 8thOpen Day - recruitmentTrophyClub TBC
Sun 9Banbury Central (B)sFrhome2.30pm4/5R
Mon 1-Warwick Boat Club Fr home2pm 3Tr
Tue 11Bidford - Bob Dawson TrophyFrhome6:30pm4R
Wed 12Avon 2 Claway2pm3Tr
Thu 13Kineton SportsKDLhome6:303R
Sat 15Club-only Day Clubhome2pmTR
Mon 17Moreton in MarshKDLaway6:303R
Wed 19Welford 2CLhome2pm3Tr
Sun 23/strong>Oakfield (B) Fraway2.30pm5Tr
Tue 25Fenny ComptonKDLaway6.15pm3R
Wed 26Warwick Boat ClubCLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 27FISSCKDLhome6:30pm3R
Fri 28Bowls England Recruitment week-end.
Fri 28Avon- Bush Cup (B)Frihome2pmi3R
Sat 29Little Compton (B) **(greys)**Fri home2:30pm4R

June 2021

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Tue 1WelfordKDLH6:303r
Wed 2Shipston SportsCLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 3WWBA v Gloucs.WWBAhome1.30pm6R
Sat 6Entaco (B)Frhome2pm5R/Tr
Fri 4IlmingtonKDLaway6:304R
Sun 6Solihull MunicipalFraway2pm5/6 Tr
Wed 9Southam (B)Fraway2pm4/5 Tr
Wed 9WellesbourneCLhome2pm/span>3Tr
Thu 10Newbold on StourKDLhome6.30pm3R
Sat 12Entaco (B)Frhome2pm5R/Tr
Wed 16Lillington 3CLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 17Southam KDLhome6:15pm3R
Sun 20Stratford Ladies Triples Galahome69.306Tr
Mon 21Norgren (B)SFraway6.303Tr
Tue 22WelfordKDLaway6:303R
Wed 23R; Leamington Spa 4CLaway2pm3Tr
Sun 27Aubrey Jaggard trophyclubhome2pm
Mon 28Avon (B)Fraway2pm3Tr/span>
Wed 30Avon 2CLhome2pm3Tr

July 2021

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
The 1Norgren KDLhome6.30pm3R
Fri 2Herald Lg. All venues to be advised..HL6pm3Tr
Fri 2Herald Lg. (D2) Lillington (D3) BidfordHL-6pm3Tr
Sat 3Southam KDLaway2.30pm3R
Mon 5Bidford Fraway6pm3/4Tr
Wed 7Welford 2CLaway2pm3Tr
Fri 9Herald Lg.HL6pm3Tr
Sat 11Snitterfield (Includes Jarvis Cup)KDLaway2.30pm3R
Wed 14Warwick Boat ClCLhome2pm3Tr
Wed 14Welford BFrhome2pm3Tr
Thu 15Warwick Boat ClubKDLaway6.30pm3R
Fri 16Herald Lg. HL6pm
Sat 17Snitterfield ( Includes Jervis Cup )KDLaway2.30pm3R
Tue 20Warwick Boat ClubKDLhome6:303r
Wed 21Shipston SportsCLhome2pm3Tr
Wed 22ByeCL-2pm3Tr
Thu 22FISSCKDLaway6:30pm3R
Fri 23Herald Lg HL6pm
Sat 24Warwicks Co.Council BCFrhome2.30pm5Tr
Sun 25WWBA Senior 4s Semis & FinalWWBAhome10am4R
Mon 26BidfordFrhome6pm3/4 Tr
Tue 27Bidford Bob Dawson TrophyFraway6:30pm4R
Wed 28WellesbourneCLaway2pm3Tr
Sat 31WWBA County FinalsWWBAhome10am5All

August 2021

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Sun 1WWBA Finals (reserve day))WWBAhome10amAll
Tue 3Kineton SportsKDLaway6.30pm3R
Wed 5Lillington 3CLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 5IlmingtonKDLhome6.30pm3R
Fri 6Herald Lg. HL-6pm3Tr
Sat 7Banbury Chestnuts (B)Frhome2pm5Tr
Sun 8Narborough (Leics.) to be confirmedFrhome2pm6R
Tue 10AvonKDLaway6pm3R
Wed 11R. Leamington SpaFrhome2pm3Tr/R
Thu 13R. Leamington Spa 4CLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 12Newbold on StrourKDLaway6.15pm3R
Fri 13Herald Lg. HL6pm
Sun 15Solihull MunicipalFrhome2pm5/6Tr
Tue 17Fenny ComptonKDLhome6.15pm3R
Wed 18Avon Frhome2pm3Tr
Thu 19/span>R. Leamington Spa B<Frhome6.154Tr
Fri 20Herald Lg. HL6pm3Tr
Sat 21/strong>Warwicks County Council * 10.00 start **Fraway10am5Tr
Sun 22SWBA Read TrophyeSWBAhome2pmAll
Mon 23Moreton-in-MarshKDLhome6pm3R
Tue 24LillingtonFraway4Tr/R
Thu 26AvonKDLhome6pm3R
Sat 28Snitterfield (includes Jervis Cup)KDLhome2.30pm3R

September 2021

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Sun 5 WellesbourneKDLaway2pm3R
Wed 8EntacoFrhome2pm3Tr
Mon 13LillingtonFrhome2pm4Tr/Tr
Wed 15Whitnash Fraway2pm3Tr
Sat 18Chipping Campden (B)KDLhome2.30pm3R
Mon 20Warwick Boat ClubFraway2pm3Tr
Wed 22R. eamington SpaFraway2pm3/4Tr
Sat 25Cheltenham (B)Frhome2pm5R

October 2021

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Sat 2End of Season GalaClubhomeTBA-
Sat 9Crown Green TournamentClubhomeTBA

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